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About LLJ

At Lac Le Jeune Resort, working isn’t just a job — it’s an adventure filled with endless opportunities to connect with the great outdoors, amazing guests, and fellow team members. As a member of the LLJ Resort family, you’ll be welcomed into an environment where every day brings new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Joining the team at Lac Le Jeune Resort means becoming part of a community dedicated to creating unforgettable moments for guests, residents, and colleagues alike. Whether you’re greeting guests with a sunshine-infused smile, sharing your favorite LLJ adventure spots, or orchestrating personalized guest experiences, your role is essential in shaping the magic at Lac Le Jeune.

With a focus on exceptional hospitality, creativity, and teamwork, working at Lac Le Jeune Resort offers a chance to unleash your passion and creativity. From cozy guest rooms and rustic cabins to outdoor adventures and serene moments in nature, every aspect of LLJ life is designed to inspire and delight.

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So, if you’re ready to work where every day feels like a lakeside holiday, join us at Lac Le Jeune Resort by sending your resume to stay@lljresort.com