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Curator of lakeside fun (resort host)

Situated just 20 minutes from Kamloops, Lac Le Jeune Resort beckons those seeking both adventure and serenity, offering a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with what truly matters.

With 21 inviting guest rooms and 6 rustic cabins, Lac Le Jeune Resort offers more than just accommodation — it provides a sanctuary for the wanderlust within. From angling for the big catch to conquering trails on foot, bike, snowshoe, or ski, gliding through the water on a paddleboard or kayak, or simply basking dockside in the stillness of nature’s symphony, there’s something here to spark joy in every soul. And let’s not forget our penchant for a bit of cheekiness — whether it’s a “S’mores fireside cook off” or “friendly match of shinny” on the frozen lake, there’s always room for laughter and lighthearted fun.

At Lac Le Jeune Resort, age is just a number — whether you’re seven or seventy-seven, the call of nature is universal, and we’re here to answer it with open arms. So, pack your sense of adventure and leave your worries at the door. Join us at Lac Le Jeune Resort, where every day is an opportunity to unwind, reconnect, and rediscover the magic of living life “Jeune at Heart”.

Who We Are

Welcome to the vibrant world of Lac Le Jeune Resort, where job titles are as dynamic as the rippling waters of our lakeside paradise! At LLJ Resort, we’ve traded in stuffy designations for a carnival of roles where every day is a new adventure. Here, you won’t find CEOs or Managers — instead, we’re all about embracing the spirit of fun and flexibility. Whether you’re the Chief Coffee Maker or the Sultan of Room Cleaning Sorcery, your role is to sprinkle joy and laughter into every guest’s experience. So, leave your serious titles at the door and join us in crafting unforgettable memories as the Curator of Lakeside Fun!

Who You Are

Are you ready to dive into the heart of hospitality and become our Guest Service Extraordinaire? As our Resort Host, you’ll be the shining beacon of warmth and welcome for our guests, transforming their stay into a symphony of unforgettable moments. With the finesse of a concierge, the warmth of a server, and the problem-solving prowess of a superhero, you’ll orchestrate seamless experiences from sunrise to sunset. Your day will be a whirlwind of activities, from greeting guests with a sunshine-infused smile to helping curate their day on the lake. If you’re passionate about hospitality, thrive on multitasking, and have a genuine love for the great outdoors, then you’re the perfect fit for our LLJ Resort family!

Essential Functions 

  • Greet guests with boundless enthusiasm, setting the stage for their lakeside adventure.
  •  Embrace multitasking mastery, effortlessly juggling check-ins, serving meals, cleaning and stewarding immaculate rooms and common spaces, and tending to the beauty of our grounds.
  •  Help curate guest experiences and activities, sharing your knowledge of the area’s treasures and hot spots.
  •  Handle guest concerns with grace and charm, turning challenges into opportunities for delight.
  •  Dive into various resort tasks to keep the magic alive, from organizing events to simply enjoying a moment by the lake with a cold beverage.

    Required Skills
  •  A deep-seated passion for hospitality, as vast as the waters of Lac Le Jeune.
  •  The ability to wear many hats without missing a beat — you’re the ultimate multitasking virtuoso!
  •  Exceptional communication skills, capable of turning every interaction into a delightful experience.
  •  A passion and proven track record for elevated guest service and experience delivery.
  •  A genuine appreciation for the outdoors and the ability to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

    If You’re Ready to Dive In…
    Does the idea of turning every day into a lakeside holiday excite you? Cast your application into our waters and let’s make waves together! Join us at Lac Le Jeune Resort, where every role is a celebration of lakeside fun and unforgettable experiences await.
Job Category: Resort Host
Job Type: Full Time – Continuing & Seasonal
Job Location: Lac Le Jeune

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