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New Ownership Set to Reopen Lac Le Jeune Resort to the Public

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April 3, 2024
Beloved local resort near Kamloops, B.C. will open year-round starting May 16, 2024

Lac Le Jeune, B.C. – First opened in the late 1970s, Lac Le Jeune Resort was a renowned lakeside stopover for international tour operators and a cherished nature retreat for anglers, bird and wildlife enthusiasts, and adventurers until it closed to the public in 2019. Today, Lac Le Jeune Resort will reopen May 16th to the public year-round. Situated just 20 minutes southwest of Kamloops, Lac Le Jeune Resort beckons to those seeking adventure and serenity, offering a chance to reconnect with nature, family, and friends.

Acquired by Monica Dickinson and Vivek Sharma, principals of Polaris Advisory in February of 2024, resort operations will be captained by a team of seasoned hospitality and tourism specialists with over 50 years of experience. Drawing upon expertise ranging from hospitality and tourism as well as real estate development and food and beverage service, the ownership group looks to elevate Lac Le Jeune Resort into a premier destination for leisure travel, weddings, retreats, and events.

“When we reopen this May, our team will infuse every moment with a touch of playfulness and a whole lot of charm,” noted Dickinson. “Our mission is to embrace the laid-back pace of the area while paying attention to the little details. Our curated experiences and personalized approach will allow guests to focus on what Lac Le Jeune Resort is known for – relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnection.”

With 21 refreshed guest rooms and six rustic cabins set on 5 acres of land right on Lac Le Jeune, Lac Le Jeune Resort will reopen to offer accommodation, food and beverage service, and a multitude of activities.

“From angling for the big catch and enjoying the extensive network of trails on foot, bike, snowshoe or cross-country ski, to gliding through the water on a paddleboard or kayak, Lac Le Jeune Resort will be a great space to create great memories,” Dickinson shared. “We seek to bring our fun side and a bit of cheekiness to the experience for our guests. Whether it’s a Smores fireside cookoff or friendly match of shinny on the frozen lake, there will always be room, year-round, for lighthearted fun.”

The Polaris Advisory team will also be restoring food services, an amenity that has not been publicly offered Lac Le Jeune Resort. Headlining the resort’s culinary program as executive chef is Kamloops-local Nicole Mackie, owner of Salty Fig Catering. Mackie is currently working on a menu she describes as “both casual and unique to reflect the soul of the area, tantalizing taste buds with culinary delights.”

From her many years working in various leadership roles for Tourism Kamloops, Dickinson understands the growing need for unique accommodation, experiences, meeting, and event spaces and believes the resort will compliment the area’s options.

“We know that historically, Lac Le Jeune Resort was an ideal venue for retreats, celebrations, and corporate events, and we will elevate those experiences with a twist,” remarked Dickinson. “Instead of boardrooms and business attire, the dress code for meetings and team-building retreats will be fleece and plaid in the heart of nature.”

With a robust wedding industry growing in the province, both Dickinson and Sharma are betting that Lac Le Jeune Resort will soon become a top pick for those looking to tie the knot. The location provides the perfect backdrop with the convenience of on-site accommodation and food/beverage service for guests. 

“We are excited to reopen and welcome guests to Lac Le Jeune Resort this year,” shared Dickinson. “Our team at Polaris Advisory has primarily offered consulting services to those in the hospitality and tourism industry for their unique properties. This is our first opportunity to take our collective skills and knowledge to work on a project that we own, so it’s a very personal and exciting undertaking. We’ve been working for months getting things ready and look forward to opening our doors to both welcome people back and invite those to visit Lac Le Jeune Resort for the first time To celebrate Lac Le Jeune Resort’s reopening, enjoy up to 20% discount for all bookings made by May 3, 2024 for stays between May 16, 2024 to June 27, 2024.” 


Media Contact:
Monica Dickinson, Partner, Polaris Advisory | monica@polarisadvisory.ca | 250.819.0151

Since 2022, Polaris Advisory has been consulting with major hospitality brands both nationally, and internationally. Principles Monica Dickinson and Vivek Sharma bring over 50 years of combined experience in hospitality, tourism, destination marketing, and strategic communications to guide clients to grow and thrive in the competitive hospitality industry. Polaris Advisory acquired the land and all buildings at Lac Le Jeune Resort in February of 2024, and will reopen the resort in May of 2024 as a year-round resort with accommodation, activities, and amenities including food and beverage service. For more information, www.polarisadvisory.ca  

Lac Le Jeune Resort is situated on 5 acres of land on the edge of Lac Le Jeune. Located just 20 minutes southwest of Kamloops, the resort has 21 guest rooms, six rustic cabins, and a host of food and beverage services. Closed in 2019, the resort was recently purchased by Polaris Advisory and will reopen in May of 2024, year-round to host guests for leisure travel, events, weddings, and conferences. At Lac Le Jeune Resort, age is just a number — whether you’re seven or seventy-seven, the call of the nature is universal, and we’re here to answer it with open arms. So, pack your sense of adventure and leave your worries at the door. Join us at Lac Le Jeune Resort, where every day is an opportunity to unwind, reconnect, and rediscover the magic of living life “Jeune at Heart”. 

For more information, www.lljresort.com

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